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Tree Insect Control

DLC Arbor Services only recommends tree pest products your trees absolutely require!

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Prescription-Based Tree Tree Insect Control

DLC Arbor Services has proudly provided tree insect control for over 30 years in Denver and its surrounding suburbs. Much like humans, trees can become unhealthy. However, the experts at DLC Arbor know how to diagnose insect infestations and diseases in your trees before it’s too late. We will recommend and administer the proper treatment in the least invasive and safest manner possible. And, rest assured, DLC Arbor does not offer any annual tree treatment programs because they waste money and harm the environment.

Look at the picture above. Most people think the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) made those holes. Not our Master Arborist! He knows the Lilac Borers are the culprit, not the EAB. Homeowners with tree pests, please fill out the tree service request form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Tree Insect Calendar

Insects are a natural and necessary part of Denver’s urban forest ecosystem. DLC Arbor knows which insects are beneficial and which ones harm trees. Please use DLC Arbor’s Tree Insect Calendar to identify harmful tree insects.

Mountain Pine and Ips Beetles Announcement

After a long absence, the Ips Beetle is killing Colorado Blue Spruce trees again. Once Ips Beetles infest a tree, they are unstoppable and eventually kill it. Now, Ips only affect Colorado Blue Spruce in the Denver area. This insect spreads to other trees when the temperature is above 50°. To protect high-value Spruces, we recommend two treatments per year. Prevention is the best option. Otherwise, tree removal is required.

The Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) has returned to pre-outbreak levels and is no longer a threat to Pine trees in Denver. DLC Arbor does not recommend any MPB treatment.

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