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Standards-Based Tree Pruning

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Types of Tree Pruning

Landscape trees need pruning at least five times over their first 25 years to promote proper growth, with some species requiring more trimming to maintain proper form. Best practices state that no more than 30% of the crown should be removed at one time.


Prune tree limbs to eight feet above lawns and sidewalks and 14 feet above streets to allow enough clearance for mowing, pedestrians, and vehicles.


We cut off any dead, broken, diseased, or weak branches two inches in diameter or larger so that they dont break off and cause damage.

Custom Tree

Custom tree pruning reduces the tree to one dominant central leader. We cut out all lower and criss-crossing branches to create a proper structure and to make the tree less prone to storm damage.

Overgrown Tree

Over-Mature trees can be gangly and a hazard. We reduce the length of long branches that extend far outside the formal crown and remove the dead and weak branches while retaining live foliage to maximize photosynthetic area to keep the tree’s vigor as high as possible during the years it is in decline.


We cut out branches below a point of visible infection or damage to help control diseases such as Crabapple Fire Blight.

Recommended Shrub Pruning

DLC Arbor Services recommends the following types of shrub pruning:

Rejuvenation Pruning

Take out at least one-third of the largest and oldest stems to ground level, remove deadwood and stubs, prune long branches to shape, and clean out leaves and debris at the base. All of this will rejuvenate your plant.

Regeneration Pruning

To get new growth, cut all stems to six inches above ground level, remove dead wood, dead stubs, and debris at base to allow space for regrowth. New growth typically appears within 10 days.


Typically done on hedges and evergreens, shearing means to remove last season’s growth to create a formal shape.

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