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South High Street between Louisiana and Alameda is lined with trees. When the street is walked on foot you will notice that many newly planted trees. It is human nature to notice large things, but the tree landscape along South High Street is in transition.

There are 270 trees on both sides of the public-right-of-way on South High Street. Small saplings were not counted. The three largest trees seen were two American Elm trees and one oak tree on the east side of High Street. These trees were huge. The American Elm is spectacular because of its size and how its limbs interweave above the street. There are 57 mature Silver Maples ranging between 75-100 years in age. Forty five trees could not be identified since their leafs had dropped.

Tree species found are:

Silver Maple – 57
Honey Locust – 23
Ash – 23
Oak – 21
American Elm – 13
Siberian Elm – 8
Catalpa – 3
Hackberry – 2
Sycamore – 1
Evergreen – 1


The public right-of-way is littered with small hills showing many large tree cut down years ago. They were most likely American Elms or Silver Maples. Many American Elms were lost to the Dutch Elm disease. Silver Maples are susceptible to fungus rot and most die when over 80 years old. 

The good news is these trees were replaced with new plantings. Most  are Norway and Sugar Maples since these two species are recommend by the Denver Forester. Spring will have to come before all the maple tree varieties can be identified.

Tree selection changes over time. Some trees that were popular 75 years ago are now out of favor. To get an expert opinion on tree selection, call 303-378-8000 to speak to our certified mater arborist. He can help homeowners pick the right tree for their yard.