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Acer Platanoides

Walling along South High Street from Louisiana Avenue to Alameda Avenue on the east side to Washington Park in Denver will show you that the arbor scape is in transition. About 25 percent of the trees have been planted in the last 10 years. One of the more popular newly planted trees is the Norway Maple.

The Norway Maple is originally from Europe and East Asia. It was introduced to America in the 18th Century. The tree grows between 60 – 90 feet tall. The bark is grey-brown like an ash tree, but with a tighter texture. The bark does not get shaggy like most maple trees. In the fall, the tree foliage turns bright yellow or yellow-orange. Norway Maples are hard-wooded trees, which means they are less susceptible to damage from Denver’s winter and spring storms.

The Norway Maple is a recommended large tree by the Colorado State Extension Service. Click here to see tree list.

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