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Acer saccharinum

There are disadvantages to monoculture tree plantings if the species selected has problems. Unfortunately, these problems usually manifest themselves decades after planting. Silver maples have soft bark and wood. The trees wound easily which make them susceptible to fungal infections. Wood rot is a common silver maple alignment, which over time causes trees to become unstable. Large branches can break off unexpectedly. This can be an uncanny experience if a person happens to be walking their dog when a large branch cracks and falls. This experience might entice a person to go buy a lottery ticket or go to church or temple more often. Wood rot makes silver trees hollow. If a homeowner sees a leaning silver maple tree in their yard, it is time to call a tree service company and get the tree removed immediately.

Silver maples are not currently on Denver City’s recommended tree planting list. Mature maples should be pruned every five years to reduce branch burden and remove squirrel kills. This keeps the trees health and able to resist Denver’s wind and snow storms. A large silver maple tree with wood rot should be removed because it is a hazard.

Below is a video of a large silver maple tree in Washington Park being pruned. The pruning video is set to music.

If a yard has a healthy 80 year old silver maple tree, a homeowner should consider planting a replacement tree next to the maple. When the silver maple dies and is removed, the street appeal of the home will be less effected when the maple is taken out.

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