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Proven Fire Blight Treatment

Fire Blight is spreading like “wildfire” after two years with warm, wet springs.

Offering Effective Fire Blight Treatment

DLC Arbor Services has years of experience and proven success with fire blight treatment. Because of this, we understand what works and what does not work. If less than 40% of a tree’s branches are infected, DLC Arbor can treat it by utilizing a combination of trunk-injected antibiotics, low-nitrogen fertilization and sanitation pruning.

DLC Arbor has proudly provided tree health care services in Denver neighborhoods for over 30 years. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business and endorsed by Team Dave Logan. For an appointment, please fill out a service request form or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a bacteria that infects pome fruit trees (apples, crabapples, pear, hawthorn and European mountain ash.) Stone fruit trees (cherry, plum or peach) do not get fire blight. The unusually warm and wet spring seasons of 2014 and 2015 coupled with early summer seasons made conditions perfect for Fire Blight to thrive and spread. Because of this, your trees may have damage caused from the outbreak a few years ago. Look especially at your crabapple trees, as they are highly prone to fire blight.

Fire Blight Symptoms

Much like the name, Fire Blight makes your tree look as though it’s been burned. Here are some things to look out for:

  • branch tips bending into a “shepherd’s crook”
  • brown leaves
  • black bark

Fire Blight Treatment

Treatment and knowledge about Fire Blight changes and improves all the time. However, many tree care professionals still spread false information and use outdated treatments. DLC Arbor stays up to date with current treatments and has had great success. We utilize a combination of trunk-injected antibiotics, low-nitrogen fertilization and pruning. If our arborist diagnoses your trees with Fire Blight, we start treatment as long as there are still leaves on the tree.


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