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Fire Blight

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Effective Fire Blight Treatment

Fire Blight attacks trees with pome fruits, which are members of the plant family Rosaceae. The fruits of these trees have a core of several seeds encased by a tough membrane. Surrounding this membrane is an edible layer of flesh like in Pears and Apples. Symptoms include:

  • Branch tips bend into a shepherds crook

  • Brown leaves
  • Black bark or cankers

Plum, Peach, and other Stone fruit trees are immune.

Effective Treatment

DLC Arbor treats Fire Blight by using a combination of trunk-injected antibiotics, low-nitrogen fertilizers, and sanitation pruning. DLC Arbor can start treatment as long as there are still leaves on the tree. In the winter, we cut out affected branches and other parts with cankers. When more than 40 percent of the tree is infected, we recommend tree removal. For an appointment, please fill out the tree service request form at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

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