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Professional Tree Removal

Sometimes the most beloved trees needs to be removed because they die or become hazardous.

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Trusted Tree Removal Company

Trees add ambiance to any yard. However, even the most beloved tree eventually dies and needs to be removed. Why not call a trusted and licensed tree service company in business since 1980. We have state-of-the-art grabble saw trucks that efficiently remove trees. DLC needs only two work crew members for most jobs, reducing labor costs. These savings make our tree removal cost-effective and more affordable. Need tree removal? Please click on the service request button at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Stump Grinding Service

When a homeowner cuts down a tree, it leaves a stump, taking up yard space and becoming a tripping hazard. DLC Arbor grinds down the stump below ground level, and we backfill the hole with topsoil. Our arborist is happy to make tree planting recommendations based on yard location and soil conditions. Click here for Denver’s list of recommended trees.

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Reasons to Remove a Tree

DLC Arbor has the equipment and expertise to remove the largest trees found in the Denver area. No tree is too big or too small. Below are common reasons to remove a tree.

Dying Tree

Look for a large amount of dieback at the top of the tree. Other signs of a dying tree are bark cracking and suckers growing out of the trunk.

Severe Storm

Sometimes a storm splits or topples a tree. If the tree is beyond repair, removal is the best option.


A large leaning tree is dangerous and may fall. Pay particular attention to older Silver Maple trees. They may look healthy but become hollow and fall unexpectedly.

Trash Tree

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even trash trees offer shade. However, Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima), Silver Poplar, and Siberian Elms spread like wildfire, require constant pruning, and are prone to disease. To avoid all the hassle, remove these trees.


Some trees are in the way of a landscaping or a home remodeling project, so removal is necessary. For neglected and overgrown trees, a homeowner may find it easier to remove them and plant a new tree.

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