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DLC Arbor Services – A Cut Above

DLC Arbor Services is a prescription-based Glendale tree service company, which means a tree diagnosis by our certified arborist defines all work performed. He generates a quotation, and the job begins upon customer approval. According to our arborist, “All landscape trees in Colorado require 100% life support from planting to removal. Tree life support comes from humans, and the only thing they get for free is sunlight, and they get too much.” DLC Arbor is an A+ BBB Accredited Business and endorsed by Team Dave Logan. For an appointment, please click on the service request button above or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Glendale Urban Forest

Glendale is a town with a rich history and a mix of historic and modern homes. It started as a stagecoach stop four miles from Downtown Denver, and the old Four Mile is still there. DLC Arbor has helped Glendale homeowners with their trees for over 30 years.

Prescription Tree Services

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Overgrown, leaning or dead trees need removal for safety reasons. Homeowners tired of the hassle of trash trees like Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven), Siberian Elms, and Silver Poplars sometimes opt for replacement. DLC Arbor has the equipment and expertise to cut down large and small trees safely. We haul away all the debris then grind the stumps to below ground level. Got a problem tree? Give DLC Arbor a call.

Elm Tree Insect Control

​The American and Siberian Elms grow well in Glendale since they tolerate poor soils and urban growing conditions. Wet springs usually bring high populations of Elm Leaf Beetles, Elm Leaf Miners, and Aphids. If your Elms need tree insect control, please get in touch with DLC Arbor.

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