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Custom Tree Pruning

The Reality Is That Most Trees Can Be Pruned Whenever the Saw is Sharp.

Healthy, Well Pruned Trees Are A Good Investment

Custom Tree Pruning

DLC Arbor has proudly provided custom tree pruning services in Denver neighborhoods for over 30 years. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and endorsed by Team Dave Logan.

The Elm, Maple and Ash trees found in Denver yards originate from the forest. In forests, trees naturally grow close together with limited light and space. Forest trees grow tall and straight with short, evenly-spaced branches. An urban setting is different. The abundant light and space in a yard allows trees to grow erratically. They form large, forked branches that grow at the same rate, size and height as the central leader. Large, forked branches break easily in storms and limit the light and space needed for proper photosynthesis.

DLC Arbor’s custom pruning corrects erratic growth and reestablishes proper form by promoting a central leader with evenly spaced branches throughout the crown. DLC Arbor’s arborist and tree crews follow the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Pruning Best Management Practices and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 300 Pruning Standards, meaning your trees get the best of the best treatments when you hire DLC Arbor.

Healthy Trees Are Valuable

It’s estimated that the value of your mature urban landscape can equal up to five percent of your total real estate’s value. If you live in the Denver metro area, that adds up quickly. According to The Denver Post, the average value of a Denver-area home in 2018 was $450,110, so a mature tree landscape may be worth $22,505! All of this makes pruning your trees good economic sense. To schedule a tree trimming, click here to fill out a request service form or call 303-378-8000.



Reasons to Prune a Tree

Landscape trees need pruning at least five times over their first 25 years to promote proper growth. Some trees may require several trimmings over the first 10 years to establish proper form. However, proper pruning should not remove more than 30% of the crown. DLC Arbor Services recommends the following types of pruning:


Prune tree limbs to eight feet above lawns and sidewalks and 14 feet above streets to allow enough clearance for mowing, pedestrians, vehicles and buildings.


Be proactive and remove dead, broken, diseased or weak branches two inches in diameter or larger so that they don’t break off. 

Custom Tree

Custom pruning will improve the tree’s vigor and shape of the crown and reduce the likelihood of storm damage. We’ll reduce tall, vertical branches to promote one dominant central leader. We remove lower limbs and thin out crossing and crowded branches.

Over Mature Tree

An unruly, overgrown tree can be unsightly. Removing the dead wood and decayed branches while retaining as much live foliage as possible will reinvigorate your tree.


Trim out diseased and insect damaged branches below a point of visible infection to help control diseases such as crabapple fire blight. 

Recommended Shrub Pruning

DLC Arbor Services recommends the following types of shrub pruning:

Rejuvenation Pruning

Take out at least one-third of the largest and oldest stems to ground level, remove deadwood and stubs, prune long branches to shape, and clean out leaves and debris at the base. All of this will rejuvenate your plant.

Regeneration Pruning

To get new growth, cut all stems to six inches above ground level, remove dead wood, dead stubs, and debris at base to allow space for regrowth. New growth typically appears within 10 days.


Typically done on hedges and evergreens, shearing means to remove last season’s growth to create a formal shape.


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