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Cottonwood trees grow along mountain and grassland streams in Colorado. Cottonwoods grow fast, which made them popular to plant in the 1970s and 1980s in new subdivisions to create shade.

There were two characteristics that property owners did not consider back then. Cottonwoods drink 100 gallons of water per day and grow enormous. The trees drop limbs throughout the year and produce mountains of floating cotton in the fall. Large limbs need to be pruned back to avoid heavy limbs falling on a home, garage or in the yard. Removing a full size cottonwood is a large project best left to the professionals. DLC Arbor has the experience and equipment to remove the largest cottonwoods found in the Denver area.

Regardless to all its negatives, the cottonwood species is spectacular tree. Some homeowners will put up with the mess and trim their trees periodically. Need your cottonwoods pruned or removed? Please fill out this request service form or call us at 303-378-8000.