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Tree Pruning and Tree Removal

DLC Arbor Services is a prescription-based Aurora tree service company. Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist visits an Aurora property and diagnoses any tree structure or health problems. The DLC arborist’s diagnosis generates a quotation for tree service work. We do not propose any unnecessary tree service programs beyond our arborist’s diagnosis. The tree service work starts upon property owner approval. For an appointment, please fill out a service request form or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Aurora Urban Forest

Aurora is currently the largest suburb of Denver with a charming mixture of old and new tree-lined neighborhoods. Home to Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Lowry Air Force Base and Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora is proud of its strong military culture and is renowned for its beautiful and carefully tended urban forest. Streets with tree canopies, green parks and lots of open spaces add to the allure of living in Aurora. More than likely you have trees on your property, and these need care to keep them in good shape. Property owners should maintain their trees to keep them safe and to keep Aurora beautiful. Click here for more information about trees in Aurora. 

Prescription Tree Services

Custom Tree Pruning and Trimming

DLC Arbor will prune your trees to remove dead or dying branches, and there are so many benefits from this. Trimming prevents decay, improves the overall health of your trees and reduces branch density. All of this makes your trees less susceptible to damage from Aurora’s late spring and early fall snow storms and reduces the risk of falling branches, which may harm your family and property.

Pruning makes the canopy of your tree more open, which lets in more sunlight into the interior of the tree. This improves your view and the overall appearance and structure of your trees, and it also encourages healthy growth. To determine the type of pruning your trees may need, contact the DLC Arbor Master Certified Arborist.

Tree Insect Control

A vital, but often overlooked, part of taking care of your property is dealing with tree insects that may negatively impact the life and health of your trees. DLC Arbor has put together a useful insect calendar to help you identify problematic insects that might create issues for your trees. One issue that can result from insect problems is dieback and, in rare cases, the death of entire trees. There are a variety of methods to gain control of destructive insects, depending on the plant species. DLC Arbor is your number one source for solving insect problems. If insects have caused too much damage, we may need to remove the entire tree.


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