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The heavy hail and winds this May broke branches and toppled trees across the city. The heavy hail was able to accumulate on the branches since most trees in Denver had leafed out. Weak branches snapped and fell into the yards and streets across the city. It would be interesting to calculate the cost and man hours needed to clean up the yards and streets after a heavy May snow storm.

Homeowners who want to avoid cleaning up after a spring snow storms should have their trees pruned like this Silver Maple tree in East Washington Park. The tree was professionally pruned four years ago by DLC Arbor. No branches were brought down by the snow this month. Silver maples are soft wood trees and should be trimmed every five years. Periodic pruning help trees withstand Denver’s early fall and late spring snow storms. So, if you want to miss cleaning up broken tree branches after a heavy snow storm, get your trees trimmed.

See a video of this tree being trimmed set to music.

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