Time to Get Trees Trimmed in Denver

The early spring and winter in Denver is why homeowners should think about getting their trees trimmed. You have a beautiful sunny day, then is it snows. Some of Denver’s biggest snow storms occur in late spring or early winter. Snow damage is more sever when trees still have leafs. The leafs catch the snow and it breaks branches. A large storm can wreak havoc on trees citywide.

Some species need more trimming than others. One of the most abundant trees planted in Denver is the silver maple. The silver maple grows tall and is a great shade tree. Thousand of these trees line south-central Denver streets. The silver maple is prone to a fungus that rots out the center of the tree. A heavy snow can break off branches. Another tree with weak limbs is the catalpa. Silver maples and catalpa trees should be trimmed every five years. These trees should be trimmed to their strongest branches. All the deadwood and squirrel kill should be removed from the trees. Stronger limbs can withstand heavy snows. Opening the canopy promotes growth and tree health. Evergreen trees with heavy foliage are susceptible to breakage under heavy snow burdens. If you hear a loud snap during a heavy snow storm, this usually means an evergreen tree has fallen on the ground and the tree will need to be removed.

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