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Cottonwoods in Denver

Cottonwood trees are very Colorado. You see these trees growing along streams when driving in the mountains or the grasslands. Cottonwoods grow fast. This trait made them popular to plant in the 1970s and 1980s in new subdivisions to create shade. There were two characteristics that people did not consider back then. Cottonwoods drink 100 gallons of water per day, and they can become enormous….

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Fungus or Insect Problem

The two biggest factors that contribute to the decline and eventual death of a tree are fungus and insect damage. Many fungal diseases thrive in wet weather. Your tree’s species, location, the amount of sun and rain it gets, and how dense the foliage is, can play a big factor in some of the problems we see. Many of the problems can take care of…

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Denver Tree Winter Kill

While the mountains recorded record snowfall this year, Denver had one of the driest winters in history. The results can be seen in the trees. Deciduous trees suffering from drought stress will exhibit deadwood at the top branches, giving it the appearance it is dying from the top down. Leaves that are wilting, curling up at the edges, and leaf scorch are other symptoms of…

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Early Spring Tree Trimming

Every spring I find myself looking out the window wondering if this storm is the one. Everyone at DLC gets worried that we will spend the next couple of weeks cleaning up the from the storm. I can remember about 3 or 4 years ago when I could not even drive down the street because tree branches and power lines were all over the place….

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Tree Aphids Are Here

It is late Spring and aphids are active now in your yard. There are over 300 different aphid spices in Colorado. Each aphid type feeds on only a few spices of plants or trees.  If you have trees in your Denver yard, you mostly likely have aphids. Aphids particularly like Aspen trees. A tell tall sign of aphids is honeydew, which is an aphid byproduct….

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