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Denver A City Of Trees – That’s Not Natural

Denver when settled in the early 1850s had few if any trees. The city was built on a high plain grassland. Besides, the cottonwoods that grow along streams, most of the trees in Denver have been planted. Because of its weather, the city still has many American Elms since these trees were not effected by the Dutch Elm disease. If you take a stroll in…

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Emerald Ash Borer Causes Emergency Tree Quarantine

Ash trees in Colorado are now in jeopardy since the Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Colorado in 2013. The borer is an invasive species from China that has killed over ten million ash trees across the U.S. since 2002. The emerald ash borer larvae bore into ash tree bark and feed on the nutrient and water conducting tissues. The trees eventually starve to death….

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Basic Tree Care in Denver

In the South trees just grow. People just do not think about it. I remember visiting a brother in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the summer. He had cut some tree branches to make stakes for his tomato garden. All the stakes sprouted! This would not happen in Denver because Colorado has a dry climate. Denver’s dry climate creates issues in growing and caring for trees. A…

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Anatomy of the Tree

The Anatomy of the Tree Lets take you back to your first biology class in junior high school. In the botany section , trees were discussed. A tree has three parts – roots, trunk and crown. Roots – The tree root system anchors the tree to the ground. Its root hairs take up water and minerals that the tree needs to grow. Trunk – The…

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Tree Selection and Placement

Denver’s is a city of trees because most were planted. The most popular trees since the 1890s have been silver maple, ash, walnut, American elm, honey locust, Siberian elms, ginkgo, Kentucky coffee tree, oak, crabapple, linden, catalpa, and cottonwood. Tree species fall in and out of favor based on the approved city planting polices and esthetic trends of the time. Since trees live a long…

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