Fungus or Insect Problem

Tree Fungus or Tree Insect?

The two biggest factors that contribute to the decline and eventual death of a tree are fungus and insect damage. Many fungal diseases thrive in wet weather. Your tree’s species, location, the amount of sun and rain it gets, and how dense the foliage is, can play a big factor in some of the problems we see. Many of the problems can take care of themselves, but others can cause the decline and eventual death of a tree.

With Denver’s recent wet weather we have been experiencing a growing number of calls from customers who have been noticing issues with the appearance of the leaves on their white oak and sycamore trees. The leaves are browning and falling from the tree. In severe cases, this is causing deadwood and dieback at the tip of stems. This is caused by a fungus called anthracnose, which targets the leaves and stems of a tree, typically along the lower section of the tree.

This particular issue can be controlled, or avoided, by following a regular tree pruning schedule. Periodic tree trimming allows for more air and light to flow through a tree which will increase its ability to dry faster in wet weather. Fertilization improves tree health. Healthy trees can withstand, or overcome, certain infections while reducing stress on the tree.

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